Department & NREGA Central Level Documents

1 14-Jul-2020 Annual Master Circular_2020-21 View || Download
2 04-May-2020 Guidelines for promoting nutri-garden for individual beneficiaries community in convergence with state scheme and NRLM View || Download
3 27-Apr-2020 Joint Advisory for water conservation works View || Download
4 24-Apr-2020 Joint Advisory for water management and water conservation by DoRD,DoLR,DoDWS and_DoWR,RD&GR View || Download
5 06-Mar-2019 Report of MORD Monitoring and visit in West Bengal View || Download
6 15-May-2018 Regarding Employees Provident Fund View || Download
7 14-May-2018 CEGC notification of MGNREGA View || Download
8 23-Apr-2018 Letter to State for human resource report of staff View || Download
9 02-Apr-2018 MGNREGA Annual Master Circular 2018-19 View || Download
10 15-Jan-2018 Training for Capacity Building of MGNREGS Functionaries View || Download
11 15-Nov-2017 SOP for Assigning of Role to registered Staff in NREGASoft View || Download
12 15-Nov-2017 Geotagging of works under GeoMGNREGA Phase II View || Download
13 22-Sep-2017 Reg,updation and verification of NREGA Staff details View || Download
14 21-Sep-2017 Rollout Geo-MGNREGA Mobile App version 3.0 View || Download
15 11-Sep-2017 Summery and finding of National Level Monitoring Team View || Download
16 28-Aug-2017 Indicative Framework of Job Card registration View || Download
17 17-Aug-2017 Janmanrega (CCMA) mobile application View || Download
18 11-Aug-2017 SOP and Reference Document of Janmanrega View || Download
19 11-Aug-2017 Letter to States regarding GeoMGNREGA Phase-II View || Download
20 08-Aug-2017 SOP regarding Geo MGNREGA Phase-II View || Download
21 19-Jul-2017 Indicative Framework of Case Record and Work file View || Download
22 04-Jul-2017 Sugestive Framework for Citizen board View || Download
23 03-Jul-2017 SOP for digital payments View || Download
24 03-Jul-2017 SOP of Aadhaar Camp Process View || Download
25 30-Mar-2017 Master Circular for implementation of MGNREGA 2017-2018 View || Download
26 02-Feb-2017 Advisory for Geo MGNREGA to States View || Download
27 17-Jan-2017 Performance Based Payments for better Ouctcomes of PMY-G View || Download
28 02-Jan-2017 SOP for timely payment View || Download
29 15-Dec-2016 Monitoring and evaluation framework of MGNREGA View || Download
30 29-Aug-2016 Launch Geo MGNREGA wave-I View || Download
31 09-May-2016 Introduction of Fixed Asset Register under MGNREGA View || Download
32 23-Feb-2016 Guidline for Aadhar seeding View || Download
33 13-Jul-2015 Convergence of IAY with MGNREGA and utilization of admin expenses View || Download
34 22-Apr-2015 Convergence of IAY house with MGNREGA View || Download
35 08-Jul-2014 Guideline for construction of IAY house convergence MGNREGA View || Download
36 08-Jul-2014 Plan action of roadside tree plantation View || Download
37 02-Jun-2014 Roles & responsibilites of MGNREGA Staff View || Download
38 02-Jan-2014 Checklist for monitoring task of NREGA Staff View || Download
39 02-Jan-2014 NREGA Operational Guidelines 2013 View || Download
40 02-Apr-2012 NREGA Operational Guidelines 2012 View || Download
41 06-Jul-2011 Guidelines on Manpower for the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs). View || Download
42 30-Jun-2011 MGNREGS Audit of Scheme Rules-2011 View || Download
43 01-Apr-2011 Guidebook for NREGA for Gram Panchayat View || Download
44 02-Jan-2009 NREGA Operational Guidelines 2005 View || Download
45 07-Sep-2005 Schedule of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) 2005 View || Download