Department & NREGA District Level Documents

1 12-Jul-2019 Guideline for labour engagement in 100 days work (Nadia) View || Download
2 31-Oct-2018 EPF for employees under MGNREGA (Cooch Behar) View || Download
3 26-Oct-2018 Processing for data collection of EPF (Hooghly) View || Download
4 28-Jun-2018 Monthly Report of Good Governance Initiative (Cooch Behar) View || Download
5 01-Apr-2018 SOP of GIS & RS Mapping (Bankura) View || Download
6 23-Nov-2017 Non compliance of the introduction of useing Parmanent Citizen Information Board from Pre work stage of Geo-MGNREGA Phase-II (Cooch Behar). View || Download
7 23-Nov-2017 Display Board issues for GeoMGNREGA Phase-II (Cooch Behar) View || Download
8 24-Oct-2017 Performance in MGNREGA (Hooghly) View || Download
9 24-Aug-2017 Update the MGNREGA Staff Database (Birbhum) View || Download
10 01-Aug-2017 Certification regarding wage payment corresponding to full attendance and payment as per measurement (Cooch Behar) View || Download
11 23-Jun-2017 Order for timely payment (Cooch Behar) View || Download
12 23-Jun-2017 Measurement by GRS (Cooch Behar) View || Download
13 25-May-2017 Timely Payment of MGNREGA wages (Cooch Behar) View || Download
14 10-Apr-2017 Order for sasthya sathi (Cooch Behar) View || Download
15 20-Feb-2017 Training for Un trained GRS (Cooch Behar) View || Download
16 20-Jan-2017 Holidays Engagement of GRS for Geo tagging (Cooch Behar) View || Download
17 16-Dec-2016 Regarding Geotagging of Asstets (Cooch Behar) View || Download
18 20-Sep-2016 Jobcard Updation & verification (Cooch Behar) View || Download
19 26-Aug-2016 New mobile and internet connection for Geo-MGNREGA (Alipurduars) View || Download
20 23-Jun-2016 Order regarding measurment (Cooch Behar) View || Download
21 02-Jul-2015 Order regarding various problems of GRS (Cooch Behar) View || Download
22 20-Dec-2013 Guideline on Rozgar Diwas (Jalpaiguri) View || Download
23 26-Nov-2013 Regarding Gram Rozgar Dibaws (Purba Medinipur) View || Download
24 08-Nov-2013 Non-engagement of MGNERGS staff in other works (Jalpaiguri) View || Download
25 16-Jul-2013 Gram Rozgar Sevak extension or auto renewal (South 24 PGS) View || Download
26 13-Jun-2013 Arising problems due to frequent termination of contractual job of additional GRS (Paschim Medinipur) View || Download
27 03-May-2013 Leave entitlement of contractual employee under MGNREGS (Paschim Medinipur) View || Download
28 12-Jul-2010 Engagement of additional GRS (Paschim Medinipur) View || Download
29 28-Jun-2010 Order for actual travel cost under NREGS (South 24 Pgs) View || Download
30 23-Dec-2009 Gram Rozgar Sevak establishment issue (North 24 PGS) View || Download
31 30-Oct-2009 Engagement of Gram Rozgar Sevak (Paschim Medinipur) View || Download
32 20-Jul-2009 Engagement of 2 (two) GRS in each GP (Paschim Medinipur) View || Download
33 22-Jan-2009 Measurement by GRS (Paschim Medinipur) View || Download
34 22-Aug-2008 Selection of Gram Rojgar Sevak (Paschim Medinipur) View || Download
35 05-Aug-2008 Wide Publicity of the notice for engagement of Gram Rozgar Sevak under (Paschim Medinipur) View || Download