Department & NREGA State Level Documents

1 19-May-2020 Emergent work to combat Cyclone Amphan related flood or water logging View || Download
2 30-Mar-2020 Revised wage rate for MGNREGA for FY 2020-21 View || Download
3 01-Aug-2019 Clarification regarding Terminal Benefit to Contractual Employee View || Download
4 24-Jul-2019 Clarification Regarding Annual Increment for The Contractual Employees in MGNREGA Set Up View || Download
5 08-Jul-2019 Mandatory capture of LAT & LONG data in NREGS Soft for GIS planing under NREGA View || Download
6 21-Jun-2019 Engagement of Regular contractual employees against vacant positions in districts View || Download
7 03-Jun-2019 Guideline for Implementation of MGNREGA View || Download
8 27-Mar-2019 Information about remuneration enhancement order on 09-03-2019 View || Download
9 14-Mar-2019 Monitoring of MGNREGA Implementation in The Field level View || Download
10 09-Mar-2019 Enhancement of Remuneration of Contractual MGNREGA Staff View || Download
11 22-Feb-2019 Allotment of Ex-gratia payment Late Debabrata Saha, Ex-GRS from CoochBehar View || Download
12 30-Jan-2019 Ex-gratia or death claim benefit for Late Sri Souvik Baral, Ex-GRS,Purulia View || Download
13 08-Jan-2019 Clarification regarding Terminal Benefit to Contractual Employees View || Download
14 30-Nov-2018 Details of Agency Engaged for Providing EPF Services View || Download
15 22-Nov-2018 Timely payment of employees provident fund for mgnrega employees View || Download
16 12-Oct-2018 EPF order for MGNREGS employees View || Download
17 05-Oct-2018 Collection of Lat-Long or GPS data for Usharmukti Scheme under MGNREGA View || Download
18 24-Sep-2018 App based survey of Mission Antardoya View || Download
19 30-Jul-2018 Increasing transparency in MGNREGA implementation View || Download
20 07-Jun-2018 ExGratia Death Compensation to Late Keder Nath Kunri GRS View || Download
21 20-Mar-2018 Guideline for some issues of MGNREGA (Bengali) View || Download
22 19-Mar-2018 Compensation in death case of MGNREGS Staff View || Download
23 18-Jan-2018 Issue of Administrative Expenses View || Download
24 13-Dec-2017 Increasing average person days without compromising on the quality of assets View || Download
25 31-Oct-2017 Clarification regarding contractual remuneration of employees on MGNREGA setup View || Download
26 28-Oct-2017 Revised Engagement Procedure of GRS View || Download
27 23-Oct-2017 Clarification on Child Care Leave View || Download
28 13-Oct-2017 Guideline for Gram Sammridh View || Download
29 09-Oct-2017 Poverty alleviation and IBS regarding work in MGNREGA (Bengali) View || Download
30 09-Oct-2017 SOP for GeoMGNREGA Phase-II View || Download
31 20-Sep-2017 Pre work needed for Initiating GeoMGNREGA Phase-II View || Download
32 31-Aug-2017 Information display board at worksite View || Download
33 24-Aug-2017 Guideline for Ushar Mukti View || Download
34 08-Aug-2017 Clarification Regarding Wage Support under MGNREGA for Construction of House by the Gitanjali Beneficiaries View || Download
35 17-Jul-2017 Monitoring under GEO-MGNREGA View || Download
36 05-Jul-2017 Issue of Fake Job Cards View || Download
37 01-Jun-2017 Clarification for equal pay for equal work View || Download
38 31-May-2017 Clarification Regarding Joining of GRS after getting Bail View || Download
39 30-May-2017 Clarification regarding transfer of GRS View || Download
40 02-May-2017 Incentive System under Geo MGNREGA Phase-I View || Download
41 02-May-2017 Incentive of Geo Tagging Phase-II View || Download
42 19-Apr-2017 Engagement of GRS & VLE in GPs View || Download
43 18-Apr-2017 SOP on Job Card Verification View || Download
44 31-Mar-2017 Clarification on issue on employment & Admin Expenditure View || Download
45 31-Mar-2017 Clarification for EPF and Bonus View || Download
46 31-Mar-2017 Sasthasathi prakalpo for MGNREGA Staff View || Download
47 31-Mar-2017 Role of GRS in timely payments View || Download
48 14-Mar-2017 Wage support for construction of PMYG house under MGNREGA View || Download
49 06-Jan-2017 Issue of Fixed Asset Register (FAR) and 7 (Seven) Essential Registers to be Maintained by the PIAs View || Download
50 09-Dec-2016 Guide book on MGNREGA (Bengali) View || Download
51 02-Nov-2016 Introduction of Seven essential registers of MGNREGA View || Download
52 02-Nov-2016 Declaration of Supervisor with respect to Job card updation View || Download
53 05-Oct-2016 Inclusion of Swasthya Sathi for MGNREGA employess View || Download
54 29-Sep-2016 Order on enhancement of remuneration for MGNREGA contractual employees View || Download
55 21-Sep-2016 Modified citizen information board or display board for MGNREGA work View || Download
56 14-Sep-2016 Citizen information board under MGNREA View || Download
57 11-Jul-2016 Key functionaries of Geo-MGNREGA View || Download
58 14-Jun-2016 SOP and Guideline on Material Payment under MGNREGA View || Download
59 30-Mar-2016 Judicious use of Administrative expenditure under MGNREGA View || Download
60 08-Dec-2015 Order of Pay Committee for MGNREGA employees View || Download
61 26-Nov-2015 Family based asset creation (Bengali) View || Download
62 28-Oct-2015 Order regarding recruitment or renewal of NREGA employees View || Download
63 24-Sep-2015 Guideline of IPEE-II (Bengali) View || Download
64 20-Aug-2015 Wage rate of Brikhapatta View || Download
65 04-Aug-2015 Clarification on issues in the MGNREGA Set up in Dist,Block & GP View || Download
66 14-Jul-2015 Order for Project LIFE-MGNREGA View || Download
67 06-Jul-2015 Order for yearly Increament of Contractual Staff under MGNREGA View || Download
68 06-Jul-2015 Enhancement remuneration of GRS View || Download
69 01-May-2015 Creation of Permanent Assets and 100 Days Employment (Bengali) View || Download
70 24-Apr-2015 Remuneration of sanctioned contractual post of MGNREGA View || Download
71 13-Apr-2015 HR Policy Manual for MGNGREGS staff View || Download
72 17-Mar-2015 Guideline for Brikhya Patta (Bengali) View || Download
73 04-Mar-2015 Rate of Aadhar card collection View || Download
74 02-Feb-2015 Issue of Inter and Intra District Transfer of Contractual Employees View || Download
75 03-Dec-2014 Measurement by GRS (New) View || Download
76 29-Sep-2014 Guidelines in the Matter of Termination and Continuation of Contract of All Contractual View || Download
77 14-Aug-2014 Clarification regarding MGNREGA Staff on basis of the court case in Calcutta HC View || Download
78 22-Jul-2014 Data-Base of Officers and Employees of the P&RD Setup View || Download
79 21-Jul-2014 Follow Up Instructions on Organization of Gram Rozgar Diwas View || Download
80 21-Apr-2014 Guideline for IAY MGNREGA (Bengali) View || Download
81 31-Mar-2014 Organization of Gram Rozgar Diwas at Every Gram Sansad View || Download
82 02-Jan-2014 HR Policy Manual for MGNREGS staff View || Download
83 17-May-2013 Issue of termination of GRS View || Download
84 17-Apr-2013 Leave Entitlement of Contractual Employees under MGNREGS View || Download
85 22-Mar-2013 Enhancement of contractual remuneration for MGNREGA staff View || Download
86 11-Mar-2013 Clarification for engagement of Supervisor View || Download
87 23-Apr-2010 Terms and condition of GRS service View || Download
88 09-Mar-2010 Instruction regarding GRS View || Download
89 10-Feb-2010 Insensitive for Technical Training of GRS View || Download
90 20-Feb-2009 Maternity leave to the female employees engaged on contract under NREGA View || Download
91 05-Feb-2009 Clarification regarding the TA & DA for GRS View || Download
92 04-Nov-2008 Measurement of NREGA Works By Gram Rozgar Sevak View || Download
93 22-Jul-2008 Clarification in regard to engagement of Gram Rozgar Sevak View || Download
94 21-May-2008 Regarding Gram Rojgar Sevak (GRS) Recruitment (Bengali) View || Download
95 15-Apr-2008 Relaxation of Terms & Conditions for Engagement of Gram Rojgar Sevak View || Download
96 21-Nov-2007 Guideline of GRS recruitment in GPs View || Download
97 26-Mar-2007 Launching of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), 2005 in Seven more Districts View || Download