Welcome to the West Bengal G.R.S. Association-Integrated Financial Management System (WBGRSA-IFMS).

(A unique initiative by the West Bengal G.R.S Association for maintaining accountability and transparency through the online portal)

Objectives of WBGRSA-iFMS :

  • Maintaining all kinds of payments, transactions, records, and reports through an online portal.
  • Fast and paperless processing for claims and payments.
  • Process the Establishment/vendor/agency/company/other personnel for bill payment as per work order.
  • Online voucher/payment invoice generation for all transactions.
  • Online receive and expenditure report generation.
  • Online claim/bill verification, and approval through user-based login.
  • Management of all financial activities.

Association's Fund:

  • State Committee's Fund (State Fund)
  • District Committee's Fund (District Fund)
  • Welfare Committee's Fund (Welfare Fund)

Eligible Applicant for Claim:

  • Registered members of this Association.
  • Authorized person for death companion/other claim.
  • Establishment/vendor/agency/company/other personnel for bill payment as per work order.

Documentation for Claim

  • Prayer/declaration by the applicant.Valid Bill/Voucher/Invoice
  • Copy of Bank Account details
  • PAN Card (for TDS through TAN) or GST (for GST payment)
  • Valid Mobile Number & Email id

Duration of Claim Processing: Minimum 7 (Seven) working days from the date of application.

Cause of rejection: Claim/bill may be rejected in case of the wrong bill amount, wrong claim purpose/unauthorized claim.

Designated person for IFMS:

  • Verification of claim:
    • District Fund: Vice President (State Committee)
    • Welfare Fund: Chairman / Vice Chairman (Welfare Committee)
    • State Fund: Joint Secretary / Assistant Secretary (State Committee)
  • Approval of Claim:
    • District Fund: President /General Secretary (State Committee)
    • Welfare Fund: President /General Secretary (State Committee)
    • State Fund: President /General Secretary (State Committee)
  • Payment and Records:
    • District Fund: Cashier / Assistant Cashier (State Committee)
    • Welfare Fund: Cashier / Assistant Cashier (State Committee)
    • State Fund: Cashier/Assistant Cashier (State Committee)

WBGRSA-IFMS Contact/Support:

  • Claim related : Joint Secretary (9800000316)/ Assistant Secretary (8670850850)
  • Payment related: Cashier (9735833576) / Assistant Cashier (9083083570)
  • Complain/Grievance: General Secretary (8101975125)
  • Technical Support: President (9932049338)