• Eligibility, Rules and Fee Structure of Membership Registration/Renewal:
    The West Bengal G.R.S Association has been established for the welfare and development of Gram Rojgar Sahayak (Erstwhile Gram Rozgar Sevak), working as a dedicated employee in Gram Panchayat level in all Panchayat Office under West Bengal the successful implementation of MGNREGS and different rural development program.
  • Eligibility of Membership:
    Any Gram Rojgar Sahayak (GRS), working in every Gram Panchayat all across West Bengal are eligible for getting the membership of this Association. Any other employees or persons (excluding Gram Rojgar Sahayak) cannot get the membership under this Association in any circumstances.
  • Rules and regulation for Membership:
    The rules and regulation for Membership are as follows-
    • Gram Rojgar Sahayak (GRS) or Existing Members can submit their New Membership Application or Membership Renewal for "Membership Registration/Renewal Process" for the specific financial year.
    • Membership applications should be submitted online system. The entire process should be done through the Association website/portal www.wbgrsa.org. Any type of offline membership registration/renewal cannot be allowed in any circumstance.
    • This membership is valid for 01 (One) year from the date of registration/renewal. But it will be treated for a financial year. After the registration, the members should be renewing their membership every year or financial year.
    • The receiving process of membership application will be done from a specific period in a financial year. The period can be fixed by the Association in every financial year. Receiving the Membership fee will be done in this specific period.
    • The membership fee should be submitted through an online payment system through Internet Banking/Debit Card/Credit Card/UPI/E-Wallet, etc from the Association's website. Any kind of Offline payment cannot be allowed in any circumstance.
    • The membership fee (Fresher/Existing) remains fixed by the Association’s State level every financial year. The membership fee will be changed every year as per rules and regulations by the Association's level.
    • Members or Applicants should pay only the schedule amount which is fixed by the Association’s State level. Any Members or Applicant cannot pay any excess or less amount for membership registration/renewal.
    • Any Members or Applicant should not pay for membership registration/renewal and any other purpose to any person/any committee members except our Association’s website directly.
    • The applicant must accept all the terms and conditions of the Association. The applicant must obey the instruction of the Association for the welfare and development of Gram Rojgar Sahayak.
  • Process for Membership Application:
    The process of Membership Application is as follows-
    • The wiling applicant or Gram Rojgar Sahayak is must read the rules and regulations of the Association along with the annual membership fee before submitting the application.
    • The wiling applicant or Gram Rojgar Sahayak should enter the Association’s website www.wbgrsa.org from the computer or mobile.
    • After opening the Association’s website www.wbgrsa.org the Membership menu on the home page.
    • See all information carefully from Benefit of Membership and "Terms and conditions" from Membership Menu in Association website.
    • The applicant should click on Apply for membership (Online) and select Online Registration (https://www.wbgrsa.org/registration).
    • The applicant should submit all valid information and set a suitable password. The password must be remembered for Membership and any other issues at any time.
    • After registration, the applicant should click on Login (https://www.wbgrsa.org/member-login) and enter the User Name (Email Id/Mobile No) with a password.
    • After login, the applicant can apply for New Membership Registration or Renewal with accurate information and submit it correctly.
    • After successful submission, the applicant can download or take the print of the submitted application.
    • After that, the applicant must pay the schedule Membership Fee which is already fixed by the Association’s State Committee through the payment gateway. Payment should be is done by Internet Banking//Debit Card/Credit Card/UPI/E-Wallet etc.
    • After successful payment, the applicant can download/print the payment invoice/receipt by the Association.
    • After successful payment, the application should need verification and approval by the Association’s State level.
    • After approval, the application will be registered or renewed for Membership in this specific financial year.
    • After Registration, the members can download the Membership Certificate from the Login (Members Dashboard) by entering individual User ID & Password and viewing the membership details on the Association website with Membership Registration Number.
    • Members can view their Membership list from the Association website after successful membership registration/renewal. Link: https://www.wbgrsa.org/wbgrsa-members
    • The applicant/members will receive SMS and Email in every membership application and registration process from time to time.
    • If the membership application is rejected for any inconvenience issue, then the payment amount will be refunded.
  • Member’s Login:
    Association also avails the individual member’s login in Association website for every member or applicant. Member can edit the data and view the membership records, generate the membership payment invoice, generate the membership certificate, etc. Membership fee payment is only payable from the Member’s login.
  • Refund of Membership Fee: In case of rejection of your membership application form Distract Committee/State Committee’s end, the fee will be refunded (excluding Convenience/Service Charge & GST) applicant’s Bank Account/Wallet/actual payment source within seven (7) working days from the date of rejection.
  • Technical Support:
    The payment confirmation may delay or error due to the server issue of the payment gateway and our Association's website database. In that case, the applicant should contact the Association end through email westbengalgrsassociation@gmail.com or may contact to Web Administrator. Association will take the initiative to fix the issues after verification with the payment gateway and Association's website database on a priority basis. After verification, the Association also informs the applicant through email.
  • Privacy policy:
    Association shall maintain needful registers for record of Members data, such as Name, Address, Service history, Communication details, and educational qualification through online or offline mode. Association may utilize those data only for the different needful works of the Association. Association cannot share or disclose any Member's data to anyone in any circumstances. The association always protects the Member's data through the needful database security with the assist of SSL certification in our web database.
  • 80 (G) certificate:
    Association will be providing 80 (G) certificates after successful membership registration/renewal through the Association website.
  • Membership Fee structure:
    Membership fee can be considered as an Annual Membership Subscription fee of this Association. Membership Fees are the main souse of the Association’s Fund, which is used for the welfare and development of Gram Rojgar Sahayak with the state of West Bengal. The fee structures are as follows-
Financial Year Fresher (New applicant/Inactive Member) Renewal (Existing Active Member)
2019-2020 Rs 600.00 (excluding Service tax & GST) Rs 600.00 (excluding Service tax & GST)
2020-2021 Rs 750.00 (including Service tax & GST) Rs 400.00 (including Service tax & GST)
2021-2022 Rs 650.00 (excluding Service tax & GST) Rs 300.00 (excluding Service tax & GST)