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Rules And Regulations Welfare Fund

Rules & Regulations of the Welfare Fund:

  • West Bengal G.R.S Welfare Fund is a part of the Bengal Gram Rojgar Sahayak Association or West Bengal G.R.S Association but will act separately and under the jurisdiction of this Association.
  • West Bengal G.R.S Welfare Fund has separate registration and approval from the relevant authorities.
  • West Bengal G.R.S Welfare Fund has a separate PAN ID and Bank Account, which is maintained by the Welfare Committee under the jurisdiction of the West Bengal G.R.S Association.
  • The collection of funds for the Welfare Fund shall be collected through the Association's Bank Account and Payment Gateway. After successful payment, the Receipt cum 80 G certificate will be generated instantly.
  • All official works of WBGRSWF will be conducted by the Welfare Committee, and the Committee will operate all financial matters independently.
  • As the name suggests, WBGRSWF is solely dedicated to the welfare of the GRSs for financial assistance in the event of health issues or life-threatening situations due to an accident.
  • Any Gram Rojagar Sahayak who needs financial assistance under WBGRSWF must be a registered member of the Association who has already paid the membership fees for that particular Financial Year within which he/she is willing to get the financial support.
  • To get financial support, one must contact the representative of WBGRSWF Block level representative, who will initiate the process after informing the District level member of the committee. The district will inform the State committee and monitor the initiation minutely for financial support.
  • One must submit enough documents providing evidence about needing financial assistance to the district committee member through the Block level representative for the proper process to take place.
  • The submitted documents will be verified at different levels starting from Block to the district of the concerned district, and then after proper confirmation, they will be forwarded to the state level for further proceedings.
  • The GRS receiving the assistance must give the WBGRSWF committee the name of one Family member representative who must be within the blood relation of his/her, who might be contacted in the due course for the proceedings of assistance.
  • The WBGRSWF committee might ask for the current documents (such as Bills, Prescriptions, and receipts for serious Medical illnesses) as and when required and/or may cross-check the case physically if the committee thinks it is necessary.
  • Any individual must contact the WBGRSWF committee within 3 months of the incident, if any, for financial assistance.
  • If any individual is found guilty of misleading the committee or found intentionally planning to defraud the committee, his/her case shall summarily be rejected immediately followed by cancellation of his/her membership from the Association and WBGRSWF committee as well.
  • Matters regarding deciding on financial assistance to GRS or his/her family or any other financial matters related to WBGRSWF will be decided by the Welfare Committee independently, and the Executive Committee of the Association will not intervene in these contexts.
  • The WBGRSWF Committee may ask for any kind of information or may seek any kind of suggestion from the Executive Committee of the Association if needed.
  • Only in case of any complications related to administrative or financial problems of WBGRSWF, the Executive Committee of the Association may take necessary action after approving it in the General Meeting.
  • After taking necessary decisions related to financial assistance or any other bill payments, the Welfare Committee will send the proceedings to the Executive Committee of the Association, and the State Committee will take measures for the payment as per the procedure. The Executive Committee may review the proceedings and ask for the necessary data from the Welfare Committee before payment.
  • All the financial part and audit-related issues will be conducted by the Executive Committee of the Association.
  • Only valid registered members of the Association will be eligible for any kind of assistance from WBGRSWF.
  • The fund of WBGRSWF cannot be used for any kind of activities of the Association in any circumstances.


  • Any member of WBGRSA, any GRS, any person/employee/Govt or Non-Govt Institution may donate to this fund only through online payment mode at the association's registered website www.wbgrsa.org.
  • Donation/contribution amount ranges from Rs. 50.00 to Rs. 49,000.00.
  • Donations to WBGRSWF may be given several times throughout the year.
  • The Convenience charge/Service Charge and GST are applicable in any kind of donation/contribution through the Online Payment System by Payment Gateway.
  • After successful payment through the online payment system, the Receipt cum 80 (G) Certificate will be issued instantly, and the donator/contributor will get a confirmation SMS/email on their registered mobile number and Email ID.
  • The donator/contributor can view/download/print the Receipt cum 80 (G) Certificate through the Association's website using Transition Id at any time.
  • If any rectification is needed in the Receipt cum 80 (G) Certificate, then the donator/contributor can contact the Welfare Committee for rectification through email at wbgrswelfarefund@gmail.com
  • The confirmation of donation or contribution may be delayed or erroneous due to the server issue. In that case, the donator/contributor can contact the Welfare Committee after 3 (three) days from the date of transaction or payment through email at wbgrswelfarefund@gmail.com.
  • The donation/contribution is non-refundable. The association cannot refund donation/contribution after confirmation and Receipt cum 80 (G) Certificate generation in any circumstances.
  • Only Govt. or Non-govt. institutions can donate to WBGRSWF through cheques. Donation by cheque will not be applicable for any individual/employee/GRS/members of this Association.
  • Collection of donations on behalf of Association/WBGRSWF in offline mode (in cash) and preserving it by any individual is strictly prohibited. The donated amount must be submitted with details through online mode on the same day in case the donor is interested in donating but unable to pay through online mode.
  • Any District/Block Committee may collect funds for WBGRSWF, but the collected amount must be deposited through online payment mode at the association's website with all the required details of the donors on the day or the very next day of collection. The Association will have all the authority to take necessary action against any activity contrary to Rules and Regulations as per the Indian Penal Code.

80 G exception:

  • All donations/payments/contributions made to this association are eligible for tax exception under 80 G (5) Income Tax Act-1961 vide approval no: AADTB8158RF20210, Date: 01.11.2021 by the Income Tax Department, Government of India.

Disposal of Claim:

  • Any claim will be submitted to the President/Secretary/Coordinator of this committee through the prescribed format with valid documents and bank account details.
  • The Welfare Representative from each District will verify the claim and forward it to the Welfare Committee.
  • Claim only applicable through the IFMS system.
  • After verification of the Claim, the Welfare Committee will fix the reimbursement amount and forewarn the Executive Committee for prior approval.
  • After approval from the Executive Committee, the reimbursement amount will be paid from the Welfare Committee's Bank Accounts through NEFT/Cheque.