This is hereby informed to all Members of West Bengal G.R.S Association that, the Association has taken some needful resolution in the General Meeting /Annual General Meeting (Meeting No: 04/2019) of West Bengal G.R.S Association’s Executive/State Committee on 15th December 2019 at Rangamutte Gram Panchayat Office Conference Room, Malbazar, Jalpaiguri. The decisions are as follows-

  1. As per the commitment of Association, taking the Legal Steps by the Association has already been started from the last week of November 2019. All necessary updates about the progress of the legal process will be circulated from time to time to District Committees through telephonic communication. No information/updates will be circulated through the social networks. Association has now formed a Legal Cell or Committee for Legal Affairs for conducting all kinds of issues and activities of Legal Process. All expenses for conducting Legal Process will be borne from the WBGRS Welfare Fund through the Welfare Committee of the Association.
  2. All GRS should contribute to the Welfare Fund for the welfare & Development of GRS. After the availability of necessary funds in the WBGRSA Welfare Fund, the Group Insurance policy for Death & Accidental benefit will be introduced for all valid members of this Association.
  3. All allotments of funds from the District & Block Committee will be transferred to the respective District Committee’s Bank Account. If any District Committee has already spent some fund on various activities and programs, then they can claim the actual bill as per prescribed format and valid bill/voucher from State Committee, the State Committee will pay this bill to respective applicants' bank account within 7 days. The paid amount will be deducted and adjusted from the allotted District Committee fund.
  4. After completion of two consecutive six-month terms, the present Executive/State Committee (Ad-Hoc) has now been extended till State Convention. Based on activity, performance, attendance in State Level Meeting/Program, some designated and their duties has now been revised and re-arranged as per By-Law of Association. The Advisory & Planning Committee has now been revised and extended till State Convention.
  5. All Block Committees must be reformed within January 2020. After the reformation of Block Committees, the District Committees must be reformed through the Annual General Meeting/District Convention within February 2020. The District Annual General Meeting/District Convention will be held in presence of District Observer (appointed by the Association.
  6. After completion of Block & District Committee reformation within January & February of 2020, the State Convention will be held on 19th April 2020 tentatively at Bardhaman Town. The schedule may change for any inconvenient reason. The budget & Estimate of the State Convention will be decided shortly.
  7. Association will improve the Website and Member’s Login for maintaining the privacy and better service to the valid member. The Quarterly Association expenditure details and balance sheet along with WBGRS Welfare fund contributor details will be available in Members login from January 2020.
  8. The By-Law & Rules & regulations of Association has now been approved by the Executive/State Committee. By-Law & Rules & regulations of Association now come in effect from today. All activity and all administration of association will be maintained as per this By-Law & Rules & regulations.

This is for kind information to all Members of this Association.

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