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Terms And Conditions

Our Association is a completely non-profit organization. Our Association fights for the welfare and development of these contractual employees working under different Gram Panchayat offices in the state of West Bengal. Our goal is to ensure a healthy future for us and also our family. We demand dignity, a peaceful working atmosphere, and earnings which at least can save the future of us and our family.

Rules and regulations for Membership:

The rules and regulations for Membership are as follows-

  • Any Gram Rojgar Sahayak (GRS), working in every Gram Panchayat all across West Bengal is eligible for getting membership in this Association. Any other employees or persons (excluding Gram Rojgar Sahayak) cannot get membership under this Association under any circumstances.
  • Gram Rojgar Sahayak (GRS) or Existing Members can submit their New Membership Application or Membership Renewal for the "Membership Registration/Renewal Process" for the specific financial year.
  • Membership applications should be submitted online system. The entire process should be done through the Association website/online portal www.wbgrsa.org. Any kind of offline membership registration/renewal cannot be allowed in any circumstance.
  • This membership is valid for 01 (1) year from the date of registration/ renewal. But it will be treated for a financial year. After the registration, the members should be renewing their membership every year or financial year.
  • The receiving process of membership application will be done from a specific period in a financial year. The period can be fixed by the Association every financial year. Receiving the Membership fee will be done during this specific period.
  • The membership fee should be submitted through an online payment system through Internet Banking/Debit Card/Credit Card/UPI/E-Wallet, etc from the Association's website. Any kind of Offline payment cannot be allowed in any circumstance.
  • The membership fee (Renewal/Re-Enrolment/New-Enrolment) remains fixed at the Association's Annual General Meeting/General Meeting of State committee in every financial year as per approx budget/expenditure. The membership fee may be changed or considered in every year as per decision taken in Association's Annual General Meeting/General Meeting of State committee.
  • Members or Applicants should pay only the scheduled amount which is fixed by the Association's State level. Any Member or Applicant cannot pay any excess or fewer amounts for Membership Renewal/Re-Enrolment/New-Enrolment registration/renewal. The service Charge/ convenience charge along with GST will be applicable with Membership Fee as platform charge of payment gateway.
  • Any Members or Applicant should not pay for Membership Fee except Association’s website directly.
  • The applicant must accept all the terms and conditions of the Association. The applicant must obey the instruction of the Association for the Welfare and Development of Gram Rojgar Sahayak.
Process for Membership Application:

The process of Membership Application is as follows-

  • The willing applicant or Gram Rojgar Sahayak must read the rules and regulations of the Association along with the annual membership fee before applying.
  • The willing applicant or Gram Rojgar Sahayak should enter the Association's website www.wbgrsa.org from the desktop or mobile.
  • After opening the Association’s website www.wbgrsa.org the Membership menu on the home page. See all information carefully from Benefit of Membership and "Terms and Conditions" from the Membership Menu on the Association website.
  • The applicant should click on Apply for membership (Online)
  • The applicant should submit all valid information and set a suitable password. The password must be remembered for Membership and any other issues at any time.
  • After registration, the applicant should visit on www.wbgrsa.org/login and enter the User Name (Email Id/ Mobile No) with a password. Applicant also can login through OTP (Mobile/Email) without enter the password.
  • After login, the applicant can apply for New Membership Registration through valid information and submit it correctly.
  • After successful submission, the applicant can download or take the print of the submitted application.
Process for Membership Fee payment:
  • The existing member/new applicant must pay the scheduled Membership Fee which is already fixed by the Association's State Committee through the payment gateway. Payment should be done by online mode (Internet Banking//Debit Card/Credit Card/UPI/E-Wallet etc).
  • After a successful payment, it may take a minimum of seven (7) days for verification and approval from the district or state committee's end.
  • After approval, the applicant will get a confirmation SMS or email on their registered mobile number or email ID, and a membership certificate will be generated through the applicant’s member login. Applicants can view, download, or print their membership certificate from Member Login and view or check their membership details from the Association website.
  • In case of rejection of a membership application from the District/State Committee’s end for any prior reason, the fee will be refunded (excluding convenience/service charge and GST) to the applicant’s original payment source (card, UPI, bank account, or wallet) within seven (7) working days through the payment gateway platform from the date of rejection.
  • The payment confirmation may be delayed or erroneous due to the inconvenience of the server issue. In that case, the applicant should contact to the association through westbengalgrsassociation@gmail.com after three (3) days from the date of payment.
  • All donations, payments, and contributions made to this association are eligible for tax exemption under 80 G (5) of the Income Tax Act - 1961,vide approval no. AADTB8158RF20210, Date: 01.11.2021by the Income Tax Department, Govt of India.

Member's log in:

The association also avails the individual member's login on the Association website for every member or applicant.

  • Members can edit their data and view the membership records.
  • Members can pay their Membership fee along with donate or contribute to the Welfare Fund (both self & others).
  • Members can generate the Membership payment invoice, Welfare Fund payment invoice along with Membership Certificate, etc.
  • Members can submit any claim to WBGRSA IFMS platform for any expenditure on behalf of Association.
  • Members can view those documents, which only available for valid members, not for any unauthorized person or any non-members.

Technical Support:
  • Association always provide any kinds technical support related to Association’s website along with online payment system through dedicated Web Developer time to time for the interest of the member. In case of any internal server issue of the payment gateway and Association's website database, the payment confirmation may be delayed or error. In that case, the applicant should contact the Association end through westbengalgrsassociation@gmail.com or to the Web Administrator directly. The association will take the initiative to fix up the issues after verification with the payment gateway and the Association's website database on a priority basis.

Membership Fee structure:
  • The membership fee can be considered as an Annual Membership Subscription fee of this Association. Membership Fees are the main source of the Association's Fund, which is used for the welfare and development of Gram Rojgar Sahayak with the state of West Bengal. Convenience charge/Service Tax (2%) and GST (18% of Convenience charge/Service Tax) will be applicable per membership transition through the online payment system of the payment gateway.

Rights, Obligations, and Privileges of Member:
  • Member is entitled to enjoy and avail of all facilities and services provided by the Association.
  • Members can avail themselves of the individual membership login on the Association website.
  • Member shall have the right to take part in the General Meeting, Program, or Conference.
  • Member is entitled to contest for the designated Block Committee Members.
  • Members can take part in the welfare and development of Gram Rojgar Sahayak (GRS).
  • Members can submit their grievances, objections, suggestions, feedback, or requests to the Association.
  • A member may request information from the Association following the specific rules of the Association.
  • Members can avail of the all benefits of the WBGRS Welfare Fund for legal assistance, death compensation, etc.

Termination of Membership:

The Association’s State Committee/Executive Committee shall have the power to expel/terminate a member or/and members, from the membership of the above Association, on the following grounds

  • on death,
  • on written resignation,
  • on the resignation of Service in the post of Gram Rojgar Sahayak (GRS)
  • if found to be involved in any anti-social activities,
  • if adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offender,
  • if adjudged by any court of law to be a person of unsound mind,
  • if found guilty of utilizing anti-propaganda of the Aims and Objectives of the Association.
  • if disregards Rules and Regulations or disobeys the decisions of the State Committee / Executive Committee,
  • If fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the Association.
  • The decision of the State Committee /Executive Committee regarding the Termination of the membership of the Association shall be communicated to the member concerned.

Duties of member:

All and every member of the Association shall:

  • Formation and elect the Block Committee of the Association.
  • Attend the General meeting at the Block, Subdivision, and District Levels.
  • To participate in all kinds of programs and activities (both virtual and physical) regularly at all levels of the Association.
  • Give the necessary suggestion, and feedback to the Association, attending to any matter which is necessary to be known by the Association.